What is the Sexual Market Value (SMW)

What Are You Worth?

What is the Sexual Market Value

An individual’s assessment of their sexual attractiveness is known as the sexual market value (SMV). In most sexual marketplaces, dating is simple for those with high sexual market value scores. This article helps you understand how the SMV works, determine your sexual market value, and increase your sexual market value.

The sexual market worth, or one’s dating power, is more simply defined as one’s attractiveness to the other sex. Everyone wants a high SMV partner. Still, since the sexual market value is closely correlated with performance in the sexual market, it limits people’s ability to mate as they want to.

sexual market value (smw)

Your sexual market value is, fortunately, malleable and frequently fairly flexible, and you can nearly always raise it with focused effort, astute marketing, and good old-fashioned personal growth.

What Effect SMV Has On Mating Efforts And Partner Choice

Most people naturally recognize their own SMV and typically look for partners who fall within that range when looking for romantic partners. In short-term relationships, males typically broaden the breadth of their breeding efforts (reducing criteria). In long-term relationships, they tend to keep more closely to their SMV.

Some guys have sexbuddies they don’t want to be seen with in public because those guys are fine for sex but not for becoming long-term girlfriends.

These men are fine to pursue and meet with for the short term, but they don’t believe they are “good enough” for the long term because, for example, “they are also too low SMV for them.”

It is a natural habit that makes sense from an evolutionary perspective to focus slightly above one’s SMV when approaching. While still having reasonably decent odds, it increases the likelihood of finding a high SMV mate in relation to one’s own SMV.

So when it comes to romantic relationships, people tend to fall more deeply in love with partners with higher SMV scores.

The self-evaluation of one’s sexual market value is a combination of factors, including one’s self-worth, confidence, feedback from the sexual market, past sexual success (or failure), and, of course, temporal and contextual factors

The Sexual Market: Value Exchanges

Everybody wants a partner with a greater SMV. Each player tends to pair up and mate with others with roughly the same total value as them because nobody wants someone less valuable than them.

In actuality, a person’s own SMV is the best indicator of the kinds of partners he would choose, and this is particularly true for long-term dating. Therefore, a person has more dating power the higher his mate value.

Assessments of Sexual Market Value

A man can still enroll in classes and meet high value women even though he graduated from college years ago. We never cease learning or meeting new individuals once we reach an advanced age. Look online for adult classes in your city to discover what interests you. It might be everything you can think of, including drawing, baking, playing the guitar, or taking pictures. Since most of these classes are offered by universities or regional organizations, they are probably also affordable.

Because you are not frigid approaching women when you take a class, it is much simpler to talk to women. You’ve got a subject to talk about already. You might enquire about their motivations for signing up, the methods they employed to obtain that particular photo, or anything else. Additionally, you’re expanding your skill set, which is always appealing.

Assessments of Sexual Market Value

Any chart showing the sexual market value of a big group of people is a fool’s errand and ridiculous because it depends so heavily on the individual’s qualities and is frequently so context-dependent.

The formula for Male Sexual Market Value(Short Term)

For casual sex, appearances matter.

Additionally, “game,” defined as the entirety of social and dating abilities, does.

If looks are the equivalent of getting out of bed nude, then the game is the packaging for that product.

The game’s goal is to make the best possible presentation of the basic package you have. A game is like marketing and sales combined.
Everybody plays the game.
All of them are fair game: communication, dressing a certain way, and using body language to connect and vibe with others. Of course, mating intelligence—also known as a “game” in the seduction community—is also a “game.”

Just like marketing and sales are more effective when selling a product, games are greatest when used for brief courtships.
The inherent attributes of the goods usually shine through once the sale is complete. Since it enhances your SMV in the short and long term, honesty and accuracy are among the best “games.”

Numerous research has demonstrated that resources can be helpful even in casual dating.
Resources can boost temporary appeal by engaging in what is known as “conspicuous consumption.” To put it another way: spending money carelessly. Throwing cash around is a pretty efficient way to get noticed—and call ladies.
Conspicuous consumption makes you more likely to attract a particular kind of lady, but then again. We’re talking about a short-term relationship, so you’re probably not searching for wifey material.

Male Sexual Market Value (Long-Term)

male sexual market value (long-term)

Think about wanting to settle down now.

You would also ask the primordial male question:

What do females desire?

The short response is everything.
Women consider almost everything in the long run; the more you have, the better.
The urge is still there, even though not all women can have everything because their sexual market value limits their ability to date.

Female Long Sexual Market Value (Long-Term)

Listed below is a commonly misunderstood aspect of SMV:

Men act almost like women, screen more thoroughly, and focus more on the total package regarding long-term relationships. Of course, the opposite is true: women behave more like men when thinking short term.

For instance, I can tell a man is not a player whenever I hear him say he wants a lady with a master’s degree. Or at least he isn’t anymore, and he’s now trying to find a relationship.

Female Sexual Market Value (Short-Term)

Making a man horny is a game for women. Naturally, appearances are important, but a good match may either enhance appearances or assist in compensating for them

Quantitative Assessment of SMV

Isn’t it wonderful to have a good ranking of all the important SMV traits?
Or perhaps a lovely test that gives me a grade?
You’d have a better number to count on that way.

The sexual market would be pretty clear indeed if each trait’s worth were to be evaluated.
The intriguing thing about this is that, in addition to the typical responses, there are other ways to assist women in meeting their needs (more on “Dating Power Dynamics”).

But let’s ignore the tables for the moment.
Let’s move on to a more qualitative analysis of the market value of sex.

We’ll analyze the key characteristics affecting men’s and women’s marketability as sexual commodities.

Male Ambition & Industriousness

Some psychological qualities are particularly crucial for adolescent men since they hint at their potential social role. The best indicator of a man’s ability to advance in society and earn more money is how diligently he works, which is frequently driven by personal desire.
And for this reason, males typically put in more work than women. The well-known “wage difference” can also partly be explained by the fact that males are sexually motivated to work longer and harder hours.

Pool boys, security guards, and other assistants are undesirable because they convey a lack of motivation by selling their services for a low price.

Male Resources

Numerous studies demonstrate that women value resources significantly more than men do.

There is a universal attraction among women for wealthy guys. Women were given more value than men regarding resources across all cultures, religions, and governmental systems.

Women still place a higher emphasis on financial prospects than men do, despite the sexual revolution. Even when they have their finances, women look for wealthy men.
High-income women placed even more value on a partner with a high income, professional prestige, and degree, according to research among women in the highest income bracket in the US.

Resources Can Be Useful For Casual Dating

The most crucial factor in long-term dating is resources.

They can, however, also be used efficiently for casual relationships and “sex on the side.”

The term “conspicuous consumption” was first used by Thorstein Veblen.
Veblen claimed that men need to discover a more trustworthy approach to market their resources in today’s urban society of strangers.

However, it must be reckless consumption for rampant consumerism to work in short-term dating.
A Porsche or a BMW don’t scream “conspicuous consumption,” but a Lamborghini or Ferrari do.
Buy one drink for one girl is less ostentatious consuming and more dull provider than VIP table, bottle service, and offering drinks to all attractive women.


Imagine a meeting between men and boys.
How do they behave?
They converse 95% of the time.

That talking is merely a means of gauging someone’s mental and intellectual capacity.

Furthermore, intelligence is the meta-trait that enables us to play the dating game, not merely a trait we choose.

Consider the chimpanzees and bonobos, two of our giant ape cousins.
They live in very complex cultures where social intelligence frequently becomes more important than physical power regarding reproductive success.
And for people, that is even more true.

Humor, “Game,” Conversations, and Frames

“Intelligence doesn’t count,” some people claim.

In the same breath, you may add that the “game,” such as the entire set of seduction techniques, is crucial.

The game does indeed reflect (mating) intelligence. Humour and conversation are also excellent indications of intellectual abilities. Controlling the framing of engagement is a sign of intelligence and dominance.

Humour works well as a strategy for sexual discrimination and choice. You are staring at a symbol of sexual discrimination each time you notice a pleasure center that can be aroused but cannot be aroused by everyone and anything.

Vocabulary & Conversations

At least 60% of the vocabulary is inherited, and it is 80% connected with general intelligence (20% with bodily symmetry, by the way).

One common explanation for why there are so many equivalents when one word would do is that words are used to demonstrate greater intelligence rather than adequately explain things.

Why Do Men Succumb to Silence in Relationships?
Men often cease talking throughout partnerships, which is something women frequently lament.

That complaint lends credence to the idea that males use their vocabulary, language, and intelligence as courting strategies to acquire sex. However, after sexual access has been granted, men are no longer required to put in that effort.

Male Social Status

Women are drawn to males who hold influential positions in society.

US women consider having a high social position or a high-status career to be only marginally less significant than having good financial prospects. However, the two things frequently go hand in hand.

According to evolutionary psychologists, women desire high social standing since it is associated with having access to resources. I think that’s a contributing factor, but there’s more to it because, as Harry Kissinger famously said, “power is a tremendous aphrodisiac.”

Females Put Blinders on Low-Status Men

When they still have the option, women often pass on lower-status men for long-term relationships and, if they are also unattractive, completely disregard their existence.

Women enter these partnerships from a position of power and only “settle” for lower-status men, but if those guys are at least sexy and attractive, they might make for just a short-term fling — think of the proverbial “pool boy.”

One of the problems with dating for very successful women is that there aren’t enough men with a higher social status than she has.


According to Buss’ extensive survey data, kindness is valued globally by both men and women.

According to Buss, individuals depend on the goodness of others—but not from strangers, but rather from their friends.
And a kind friend promises to be there for you when you need it. Because ultimately, we will all face difficulties.

Being kind also makes a man more likely to commit, provide, and be a better father.

What about assholes?

It might be appropriate to bring up the subject of “assholes” at this point.

According to the cliché, women claim to seek good people but are actually like assholes.
Fortunately, a little research has been done on the topic.

Female participants in Urbaniak and Killman’s study received descriptions of usual good guys, typical “middle of the road” males, and typical bastards.
Before being asked which guys they would choose for themselves, the participants were given the duty of selecting the top males that other women should date.

It became out that most women preferred the “good guy” over other women.

It became out that most women preferred the “good guy” over other women.
Some women did adopt the standard mentality of “a nice gentleman for you, a terrible lad for me” when selecting a man for themselves, but they were in the minority. Still, most people went with the good guy.

In a related study using dating ads to simulate an even more genuine long-term relationship, kind men were still preferred.
Or, more specifically, males who used phrases like “I work at a food bank” or “I like helping people” to woo women.

Male Physical Traits

Females favour the following appealing physical characteristics:

Sculpted muscles
symmetrical faces and a body
Mature characteristics

Few cultures differ from others regarding preferences for certain physical characteristics, such as women favouring taller men (although even in that case, I’ve met ladies who didn’t care much).

Other characteristics, such as masculine features, are more culturally specific and exhibit greater variation. Younger women occasionally like more feminine-looking features and physiques; this is seen in the crowds of female fans that androgynous boy band singers get throughout the globe.

Female Youth

Men found fertile women by searching for younger women to mate with.

Adolescent boys prefer older women, which indicates that men look for youth as an indication of fertility (but older women don’t want these younger men, of course).

The Appeal of MILFs

The MILF phenomenon is actual and pervasive.

They are showing that being twenty-something is not necessarily preferable to being thirty-something.

Since a younger, “untested” girl is more likely to become dependent on him, a MILF can be a preferable option for men who do not have to get married.

Age & SMV

Age and women’s dating power are substantially correlated but not as strong for men. The height of one’s attractiveness varies depending on many variables, but on average, it occurs around 23 for women and 38 for men and women, respectively.

Female Physical Appearance

Men place a considerably higher value on attractiveness than women.

Features of a physically attractive person include:

smooth skin
large and strong breast
supple skin
homogeneous skin color range
the femininity of the face

Her voice also matters, even though it is unrelated to appearance; higher tones are chosen.
In terms of walking, men favor a woman’s gait if she’s wearing heels since it results in shorter steps and a greater hip tilt and rotation.

Women Have More Power Because Of Their Physical Appearance

Both women and men receive a significant SMV boost from their physical attributes.

However, women are significantly more in need of it than males are.


Because, as we’ve seen, men value attractiveness more than women.
Beautiful women benefit significantly in short-term and long-term relationships, whereas handsome men benefit more in the former. Attractive women tend to have more committed partnerships rather than casual sex.

On the other hand, some less attractive women may relax their criteria regarding the calibre of partners and the time and effort they require for sex. Because of this, less beautiful women often participate in casual sex more freely and easily.

Status Boost: The Trophy Wife

Men appreciate a woman’s beauty for the prestige boost it gives them.

Men do lay a lot of value on “rank,” and having a beautiful wife raises their social status.
So, certainly, there is such a thing as a “trophy wife.”

Because people assume that a man with a hot wife must be of a very high social position, the trophy wife is crucial for unattractive men.
Additionally, insecure men, status-driven men, low self-esteem, narcissist men, and men who base their self-esteem on outside validation value trophy wives more.


Everyone desires a partner with a high SMV, but people’s ability to mate how they want is constrained by how successful they are in the sexual market. Self-esteem, confidence, and input from the sexual market are all factors in one’s judgment of their sexual market value.

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