How to Increase Testosterone Level Naturally (11 Ways)

Testosterone plays a very crucial role in our bodies
increase testosterone level

Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone Level

Testosterone plays a very crucial role in our bodies. It affects sex drive, fat distribution, bone density, red blood cell production, face & pubic hair, and verbal memory and thinking capability. If you have low testosterone levels, there are plenty of ways you can increase them. You can take medications or supplements or help your body increase production naturally. This article will enlighten you on the 11 ways you can increase testosterone levels naturally.

Importance of testosterone in Human body

Testosterone is a very important hormone to both male and female sex. The hormone fully develops in males at the age of 19 and then starts to decline with age. As your age progresses, there is a high possibility of encountering a decline in testosterone Level

Testosterone is helpful in a man’s body as it reveals the difference between males and females. It’s responsible for regulating libido. That is a natural desire for sex. The hormone is also needed when the testes produce healthy and fertile sperm. While in women it has vital role in growth, reproduction and overall health.

Your bone mass contributing to your organ functionality is determined by your testosterone level. Muscle mass and strength are beneficial during your sexually active years.

Fat distribution in the body gives good shape and promotes good general health. As you have learned, testosterone affects a human’s health. It provides a sense of sexual identity.

Sometimes, the hormone level decline beyond average, and there is a need to take action to continue living an everyday life. Before going the medicinal way, it’s good you try out various biologically proven natural methods.

Why use natural ways
Natural ways work effectively and restore the body’s organ’s efficiency. They leave behind no harmful residue or destruction to organs like the liver and kidney. Artificial ways either induce chemicals into your body or interferes with how organs work.

Natural ways have no long-term side effects on the body and are efficient. The cost of boosting testosterone is manageable. Artificial procedures and chemicals have long-term side effects.

To increase testosterone levels, use the following tips at home. The ways are 11. Go through them individually and find a few that will work for you. For a testosteron boost, put into practice the following natural strategies:

Eat Enough Animal Protein and Fats

increase testosterone level with chicken

The functioning and behavior of your body are directly affected by what you eat. Minding your food portions is very important in living a healthy life. A low testosterone level might alert you to incorporate animal proteins into your daily diet.

Research shows vegetarians are at high risk of experiencing a low sex drive. The fats are directly converted into calories, which help give your bones strength. Eating a low-protein diet for a long time can lower your testosterone level.

The best animal proteins to incorporate into your meals are eggs, fish, meat, and milk. You will extract vitamin D, Zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids from fish. Fish and fish oils are nutritious and need to be eaten at least twice a week. Salmon, oysters, and sardines are some of the seafood to try.

Animal products are rich in protein, which can increase testosterone levels tremendously.

Eat Plenty of Plant Proteins

increase testosterone level with nuts

Plant protein sources are legumes, nuts, and seeds.

They are well known for naturally improving overall human sexual life. Seeds are underutilized superfoods that contain useful nutrients like zinc and potassium. Some of the best helpful seeds to eat are pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and cumin seeds.

Further research proved that men who regularly eat nuts have high testosterone levels. Nuts have the potential to solve low sperm count problems naturally. Examples of nuts to consider for a testosteron boost are walnuts, hazelnuts, ground nuts, and almonds.

Beans and Legumes
Legumes are very effective in boosting the sexual life of a man. Research conducted in 2021 concludes that legumes and beans directly impact testosterone levels. They contain protein, which is necessary for bone strengthening and the general improvement of sexual male sexual life.

Some of the best-known legumes to amazingly increase testosterone levels are black beans, kidney beans, lentils, and chickpeas.

Test the Magic of Dark-Leafed Vegetables and Fruits


Dark-leafed green vegetables are very rich in magnesium. A 2011 study shows that magnesium plays a significant role in testosterone boost. When looking at living a more healthy sexual life, you should eat a good amount of dark-leafed vegetables. Some of the healthy vegetables to eat are Swiss chard, spinach, and kale.

Pomegranate, avocados, bananas, and berries are fruits that carries much weight in boosting libido. Fruits balance and deactivate hormones that make testosterone production hectic. They create a suitable environment for the testosterone hormone to thrive. Consider regular eating of nutritious fruits every day for a testosteron boost.

Fruits and vegetables are full of great nutrients that can improve your general health, and consequently balance your hormones.

Increase Testosterone Level with Exercise Your Body Regularly

exercise at street

Men who engage in heavy-strength exercise witness a significant boost in testosterone levels, according to a statement report from research done in 2012. According to their study, physically engaged men enjoy a healthier sex life.

Exercises are different, and not all will show the same outcome. Pay attention much strength training workouts. They will effectively promote the production of much-needed testosterone hormones.

Heavy lifting is one of the best forms of exercise, which involves more muscle. More testosterone is produced when your whole body is exercised at a go than when you do light workouts.

It’s advisable you avoid overdoing exercises which can be harmful, have rest intervals during workouts, and eat healthy meals. Your body will be able to recover successfully after body mass exercise.

Manage Stress

stressed man

Research done in 2016 shows a direct relationship between physiological stress and low testosterone levels. Stress control will naturally increase testosterone levels.

For this strategy to work, you should combine it with others like exercise. Workout relieves and refreshes the mind, giving a solution to stress. Your mind plays a significant role in sex drive; if you are engaged in thinking something, it automatically gets exhausted. A tired and strained mind won’t authorize testosterone production in the body.

Chronic stress makes pituitary glands react by producing cortisol (stress hormone). The uncontrolled production of cortisol hormone harms the production of other hormones like testosterone.

Unmanaged stress has the potential to negatively affect your general lifestyle. Eating habits, sleep, and exercise level depends on your mental state. You may find yourself losing appetite, thus having essential nutrients like zinc deficiency.

Have enough quality sleep and rest

sleeping man bed

The effects of not having enough sleep are underestimated. Doctors advise the number of hours you should be sleeping in a day. Enough sleep and rest keep the whole body refreshed and all organs effectively working.

According to research done in 2011 by the University of Chicago, low testosterone levels may occur as an effect of sleep loss. The body mainly produces testosterone during sleep time. The quality of sleep and rest also matters. Unmanaged stress is capable of disrupting your sleep and rest.

Brains are the centralized system that sends signals to all body organs. Brain authorizes the production of hormones. If your brain has no resting time, it might malfunction and make some organs fail.

Please exercise and then have 8 hours of peaceful sleep and rest daily. You will manage to increase testosterone levels in your body.

Limit alcohol intake

alcohol bar drinking

Overconsumption of alcohol puts testosterone production at risk. When you take alcohol, ethanol is absorbed into your liver and testes. The two main organs have enzymes responsible for the production of testosterone. Ethanol consequently lowers the male sex hormone production.

Alcohol affects the hypothalamus gland, which sends signals to the testes to produce enough testosterone.

Additionally, alcohol tends to disrupt sleep and rest time. When sleep and rest are interrupted, testosterone production will be lowered.

Alcohol emits dangerous substances into our bloodstream and organs. The substances alter the way the body works, making organs malfunction.

Low testosterone level has been linked to intake of narcotic drugs. Drugs have negatively impacts sleep, and eating patterns.

Maintain healthy body weight

body weight man

Your body weight might be the sole reason behind the low testosterone levels you are experiencing. Obesity puts you at a high risk of low testosterone levels. Consequently, low testosterone levels can lead to gaining more body weight reducing your testosterone levels further.

High-fat cells have a lot of aromatase. Aromatase acts as a catalyst for converting testosterone to estrogen, a female hormone required in men in small quantities.

Obesity is a precarious condition, not only to sex drive but also to the general body functioning. It exposes someone to type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. It blocks blood vessels, making them thin for blood to pass through. During sex, blood flows fast, but now the ship is filled with fats, thus reducing the sexual performance of man.

If you have obesity, consider working on reducing your weight. You can try exercise and other well-known methods at home. Checking your weight is very important if you want to live a healthy sexual life.

Take supplements and other natural testosterone boosters

supplements zinc

Supplements extracted from animals and plants are essential when having minerals and vitamins deficiency. Consider a significant natural booster if you want to increase your testosterone level. Supplements give the body enough nutrients faster than just eating food.

The best supplements to boost testosterone levels are:

Increase Testosterone Level with Zinc

Less zinc intake has the potential to lower your testosterone levels. Nutrient plays a significant role in sexual reproduction aspects in a man. Even if another reason causes the testosterone drip, zinc supplements will give a natural boost as you sort out the primary cause. Zinc is vital in producing luteinizing hormone, which plays a significant role in testosterone production. It would be best to consider taking 15-30 mg of zinc supplements daily.

Zinc also can improve your general sexual fertility by checking on your sperm mobility. This mineral is also in reasonable quantities in foods like meat, eggs, oyster, nuts, and seeds. Increase daily intake of the fore mentioned foods to improve testes performance.

Before taking zinc supplements, it’s good you seek advice from a qualified health professional on the amount to take and for how long. The accessories are available over the counter in pharmacies.

Increase Testosterone Level with Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is a health hazard that shouldn’t wait to be sorted. The benefits of this vital vitamin are uncountable in the human body. Vitamin D is a steroid hormone that keeps men’s sex drive at par.

Research done in 2011 and published in Hormone and Metabolic Research showed that vitamin D deficiency negatively impacts testosterone levels. The report further advised on the importance of vitamin d supplements in optimizing male sexual drive.

Vitamin D can also be obtained by walking in the sun for several hours daily. Feeding fatty fish is also a good way of getting nutrients naturally. Fish oils are also a perfect source of vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency not only affects testosterone levels but also leads to weak bones and muscles. With weak bones and muscles, your sexual performance will be below average.

Increase Testosterone Level with Magnesium

Enough magnesium intake contributes to normal blood pressure and heart rate and keeps your bones strong. Magnesium intake is linked to increased muscle mass and overall sexual performance.

According to studies, magnesium supplements significantly positively affect testosterone levels in men.

Some other medicinal herbs you can try are:

Increase Testosterone Level with Ashwagandha

It is an evergreen herb that mainly grows in India and the Middle East. The herb has a lot of benefits for your body, including blood sugar stabilization, inflammation relief, memory refreshment, and stress management.

Ashwagandha sorts magnesium deficiency and contains a lot of vitamins. The herb is known for increasing muscle strength and boosting fertility. Research involving middle-aged men showed a 15% increase in testosterone levels when put under an Ashwagandha dose. The results were getting better with the pro-longed Ashwagandha intake.

If you find out that your testosterone levels are gradually decreasing, Ashwagandha is an excellent herb to keep them optimal. A suitable dosage for the herb is 250-300 mg per day. Consider getting a dose to last you a whole month.

Increase Testosterone Level with Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a natural herb that grows in the southeastern United States. Men use it to promote their overall health conditions. The herb is known to promote hair growth, balance hormones, and improve urinary tract conditions in men.

Studies have linked Saw Palmetto to improved men’s sex drive. To increase testosterone levels in your body, look for the Saw Palmetto herb supplement. The herb decreases enzymes that convert testosterone to DHT.

Increase Testosterone Level with Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a magical medicinal plant found in India and North Africa. All parts of the plant, from seeds to roots, are used to treat different health conditions.

A 2010 research shows that the fenugreek plant significantly affects testosterone levels in men. Taking 500 mg of fenugreek supplement daily will naturally improve your libido.

Supplements are a good source of beneficial nutrients. When experiencing a low sex mood, look for a natural supplement. Natural supplements have very minimal side effects.

Start cooking food with natural spices

ginger spices

Natural spices are nutritious and have several medicinal benefits. They give a genuine taste to food. Onions are a fundamental ingredient while preparing different meals. Onions have been proven to have a positive effect on testosterone production.

Ginger has also been in use as a traditional medicine. The natural spice makes food taste delicious. Men with low testosterone levels are advised to add natural spice to cooking recipes. Ginger will potentially promote your overall sexual health, including moods and libido.

Ginger increases semen quality and increases the fertility of sperm. Incorporate natural spices when making all your meals to have optimal reproductive health.

Manage or treat underlying medical conditions

Sometimes your low testosterone condition may be caused by an underlying medical condition. It might be an already diagnosed or new condition that has not been discovered. It is good you visit your doctor when you encounter poor libido. The doctor will do tests to detect conditions known to cause the problem.

Some of the conditions that can negatively affect your sex life are:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Heart failure
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Testicles injury
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Cancer
  • Kidney disease

If you are experiencing low testosterone levers, visit a hospital to have the above conditions checked and treated. If you are diagnosed with any of the diseases, you will be treated, which in turn increases your testosterone level.

For chronic illnesses, the doctor will give guidelines on managing the condition’s effects to boost testosterone. You only need to strictly follow the doctor’s instructions on a diet and take prescribed medicines regularly.

All the above-discussed natural ways to boost testosterone work perfectly well. You only need to follow them strictly.

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